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Rock Climbing – Clear Creek Canyon, Capitalist Crag

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Clear Creek from Capitalist Crag

I Climbed Lunch Money (5.9+)
Brenda and I climbed at Capitalist Crag. She was the rope gun for the day, leading Lunch Money (5.9+), Cheap Labor (5.10a), and Mounty (5.7+). We had a fun time. The weather flip flopped between bursts of bright sun and dark clouds with gusts of wind. We finished around 3pm. (more…)

Rock Climbing – Clear Creek Canyon, Canal Zone

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Jenny Clipping Draws on Box of Rain (5.8) Clare Climbing Box of Rain (5.8)
On Sunday, I went to Canal Zone to climb with Jenny & Ryan. We met in the morning and had a lovely walk to the crag. We were the first to the moderates! Woo-hoo!
Ryan Chalking up on Ripple (5.8)
Ryan Climbing Made in the Shade (5.9)
We climbed Box of Rain (5.8), Ripple (5.8), and Ryan did Made in the Shade (5.9). I just wanted to take it easy, and enjoy being with Jenny & Ryan. So, when the obnoxious crowds came later in the day, I just felt like leaving. Besides, it started getting hot-time to bail!
Clear Creek Canyon Wildflowers

Rock Climbing – Canal Zone, Clear Creek Canyon

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Jim & Aimee Hiking to Canal Zone, Clear Creek Canyon Clare Leading at Canal Zone, Clear Creek Canyon
We had a gorgeous half day of climbing at Canal Zone in Clear Creek Canyon. I led three fun 5.8’s; Box of Rain, Venice Beach, and Holiday Road. Jim & Aimee were visiting from Indianapolis, so I was the guide. It was Father’s Day; by midday the crag was ***packed*** with families. We decided to leave when the wall went in the sun, and as we were leaving our empty wake was filled with children.

Rock Climbing – Clear Creek Canyon, Little Eiger Crag

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Happy Climbers at Little Eiger Crag, Clear Creek
Climbers: Jenny, Greg, Clare, Aika, and Barry
Time: 9am-2pm
Place: Little Eiger Crag
Pitches: 5 (*I only did 3 due to Cankle)
First Impressions*
Bush Administration*
Eiffel Tower*
Eiger Direct
Persistent Vegatative State
Jenny Rapelling Silouette, Little Eiger Crag, Clear Creek
Witnessed a horrible accident caused by miscommunication between a climber & belayer. (more…)

Rock Climbing – Clear Creek Canyon, Canal Zone

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Clare at the Anchor of Levada (5.8) Jenny Near the Anchor of Levada (5.8)
On the coldest of the last 10 days, Jenny and I decided we were ready for some rock climbing outside. We naturally sought out the coldest possible crag…Canal Zone. In the parking lot, we felt the shady side of a boulder (as a sample of what the crag would be like) to see if climbing was possible. Off to the crag! (more…)