Rock Climbing – Clear Creek Canyon, Canal Zone

Jenny Clipping Draws on Box of Rain (5.8) Clare Climbing Box of Rain (5.8)
On Sunday, I went to Canal Zone to climb with Jenny & Ryan. We met in the morning and had a lovely walk to the crag. We were the first to the moderates! Woo-hoo!
Ryan Chalking up on Ripple (5.8)
Ryan Climbing Made in the Shade (5.9)
We climbed Box of Rain (5.8), Ripple (5.8), and Ryan did Made in the Shade (5.9). I just wanted to take it easy, and enjoy being with Jenny & Ryan. So, when the obnoxious crowds came later in the day, I just felt like leaving. Besides, it started getting hot-time to bail!
Clear Creek Canyon Wildflowers

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