Federal Cup 5K

Victory High Five at Federal Cup 5K Clare Winning the Federal Cup 5K
On Saturday, I joined my fellow co-workers at the 27th running of the Federal Cup. The race did not happen last year, due to road construction, so we were all pretty amped. Would we capture the Cup again, or would our Co-Ed team be beat by an all mens team (or all ladies team for that matter)?

Since I had been training for a marathon, now just a few weeks away, I figured I’d have a very competitive time. But, I must say, I did have some jitters about sprinting. The last thing I wanted to do was to get injured so close to my first marathon…

My time, this year, was a 7 minute 13 second pace…it was almost exactly the same time as last year. Except this year I was *the* fastest woman! I’ve never won a running event all out, so this was definitely a first. The entire race, I kept thinking a girl would pass me-but they never did.

Obstacles (some self imposed) which kept me from breaking 22 minutes (my goal):
1. I ran the first mile way too fast. My first mile time was around 6:20!
2. Attending a celebration over at Casey’s the night before (our friend Justin passed the Bar!) and actually having 1 beer. The nerve, I know!
3. Staying up too late (see #2).
4. Skipping breakfast (why do I need to eat…the race is over in 20 some odd minutes!)
5. Not hydrating properly before the race (Does 20 oz of coffee count for something?)
6. Not wearing a watch (I didn’t own one at the time) made it a little tricky to keep a pace!
7. Thinking I could keep up with my boss (He ran it in just over 19 minutes-but what was I thinking?)
8. Having a numb face. Yes, you read it right-the entire right lower quadrant of my face went completely numb during the last mile of the race. So, obviously, this was worrisome and caused me to slow down a little bit. I believe this “Bell’s Palsy” culminated due to 1-6 above, from the reading I’ve done of causes of numb faces. After collapsing at the finish line and resting for 15 minutes, I started to regain feeling.

Next year, I plan to break the 22 minute mark. So, I vow to do a better job preparing for the race. Dennis says I should be happy since I won, but I wanted so badly to achieve a PR.

We did win the Fed Cup, which I think is still a major achievement considering ours was a co-ed team. Here are some pictures from our victorious day over at the Federal Center:

The Starting Line:
Warm Up Exercising at Starting Line

Let the Madness Begin (My Boss in the Blue Tank Just Ahead of Me!):
Start of the Federal Cup 5K

My Boss, Greg, Bursting Over the Finish Line (4th Overall, 1st in Age group!)
Greg Finishes 4th Overall - Fed Cup 5K

Joe Finishing Strong – This guy does 5 miles a day!
Joe Finishing Strong

Mark Chasing Joe Down (He Almost Caught Joe!)
Mark Finishing Strong

Dudes Trying to Pass Me Near the Finish! For Shame!
Clare Holding Her Position at Fed Cup 5K

Me Leaving the Dudes in the Dust! Don’t Mess With Climbergirl At the Finish!
Clare 1st Place Federal Cup 5K

Don (Coach) Winning His Age Division – AWESOME!
Don Wins 1st in His Division

TRICARE Tri-Umphants Win the Fed Cup!
TRICARE Tri-Umphants Victorious!

Greg and Rhonda Win Their Divisions – RIGHT ON!
Greg and Rhonda Celebrate 1st in Division

TRICARE Tri-Umphants
TRICARE Tri-Umphants

TRICARE Tri-Umphants

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