Ft. William to Edinburgh – Day 15

 Edinburgh Round About

Ft.William To Edinburgh Driving Map
Our last full day in Scotland, we drove from Ft. William to Edinburgh. We bought groceries in a very large store on the outskirts of Perth. There are always a few edible items we want to bring home. This time, it was HP sauce, Branston Small Chunk Pickle, Candies, and Penguins.

We checked into the Scotsman Hotel, where they hooked us up with a free upgrade to the Baron Suite (2nd largest room in the hotel). We were overjoyed….
Baron's Suite Study

Baron's Suite Bedroom

Baron's Suite Living Space

…Until later that night when the night club several floors down started playing their music. It was OBNOXIOUSLY loud and the floor was thumping in our room. We didn’t sleep a wink, which was the reason for staying at a de-lux hotel in the first place.

Lesson learned: if you are staying at the Scotsman, and they offer to upgrade your room, SAY NO! Unless you are tone deaf…

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