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Tres Piedras (Near Taos, NM)

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Tres Piedras Near Taos, NM

On May 22nd, before we headed to the Tres Piedras campground, we needed to grab some grub. We decided to visit our favorite grocer (Trader Joe’s) for the requisite camp foods.

In about an hour, we had filled our cooler with goodies (and stocked up on some shelf items for home). I was immensely sad because they did not have my favorite juice, Sir Strawberry.

After TJ’s, we touched base at the condo, and then followed Ann & Dylan over to lunch at Annapurnas, an ayrvadic/vegan restaurant. I got the most delicious Thai Stir Fried Veggies with Rice Noodles. The flavor was amazing, vegan food can be just as exciting as non-vegan food! Dennis was happy with his lunch as well. We got a yummy brownie to go…as a snack for later.

With food in our tummies & in the cooler, we headed up to Tres Piedras for the weekend. Clouds loomed ominously in the sky, but we decided to ignore them. I wanted to just be happy that we would be meeting our friends at a beautiful climbing area, fresh with possibility. (more…)

Santa Fe, NM

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

On May 21st, Dennis & I left Denver around 2pm for Santa Fe, NM. Around 8:30pm, we arrived at Dylan & Ann’s Condo. I was so excited to see them, I could barely contain myself. When our Nuvi was counting down the distance to the final turn, I was saying in unison, “Turn Right in 1 mile, Turn Right in 300 feet, etc.”.

We went out for dinner at a local brewary, Second Street Brewery and caught up on events of the past year.

I had a beer sampler (highly recommended for those who can’t make up their mind!) to accompany my Portabella Grilled Sandwhich! Beer samplers are also a good idea for me, because Dennis usually ends up drinking all the hoppy stuff. So, I can concentrate on the lighter varieties.

Back at the condo, later that night, Dennis & I pulled out the futon couch and bunked down

Federal Cup 5K

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Clare Thrilled at First Place Finish

On Saturday, I joined my fellow co-workers at the 26th running of the Federal Cup. At my workplace, the Fed Cup is a very coveted prize. Folks train for it and generally get amped up every spring. I was asked to be part of the co-ed team, and again, I had to say yes!

Mark, Dennis, Clare & Don Tri-Umphants Win the Fed Cup


Rock Climbing – West Ridge, Eldorado Canyon

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Clare & Jen Enjoy Half Day at West Ridge, Eldo
On Friday, May 9th, Jen & I headed to Eldorado Canyon to get grabby with some rock. The forecast had been for crummy weather (mid 40s-50s), but we just ignored it.


Raised Bed Planting

Friday, May 8th, 2009

On Friday, May 8th, I went to the Nursery to pick up veggies for my newly constructed raised bed. I got there fairly early in the morning, but it was already getting busy.

All Good to Grow...Yum Veggies!

I picked out a variety of veggies. Later in the afternoon, Dennis helped me to plant the following: onions, garlic, chives, asparagus, broccolli, cauliflower, carrots (two varieties), bok choy, peppers (2 varieties), loose leaf green lettuce, and spicy spring mix. We also planted snow peas, green & orange bell peppers, thai chile, thai basil, parsley, and tomato, outside the raised bed…

In return for his several hours of planting help, I let him take me out to see the new Star Trek movie. I rather enjoyed the movie, probably more than he enjoyed the gardening 8^) He will no doubt be happier when the crop gets harvested!