Tres Piedras, NM…Rained Out

On May 23rd, we all woke up early. The sun was out for the time being, and everybody seemed hopefull for climbing. Breakfast was served, with a side of thought provoking conversation (What can I say, I love this group!). Chitter chatter covered a variety of topics-including favorite recent books read, inlaws, and camping gear.

Note: Dennis & I were especially fond of Doug’s Coleman folding table with a rolled metal top. Super cool!

Ann Climbing a Tree at Tres Piedras Taken by Kate
Cold & Damp Tres Piedras Taken by Doug
Hiking at Tres Piedras Taken by Ann

Around mid morning, we packed up some climbing gear and hiked over to the crag. The walk is 10 minutes from campsite, so it’s an easy approach. Unfortunately, when we got to the crag, we found it rather wet.

On top of the moisture, there were dark clouds in the sky, and it would intermittently rain & sprinkle on us as we hiked. The rain was determined to spoil climbing, so we decided to head back to camp and make a decision.

Back at camp, we decided by concensus to go back to Santa Fe. Because of Ann & Dylan’s enormous generosity we were invited to spend the rest of the weekend at the condo.

I thought, “This will be fun…8 people crammed in a loft style condo!”. We were about to get really cozy with each other.

What’s interesting is that nobody voiced an issue with this arrangement, it just kinda fell into place. What could have ruined our weekend (the horrible weather), only ended up uniting us into a more determined bunch.

Just *how* much fun we would have was completely up to us. With this much brain power (yeah, nerds!), I just knew it would be a good time! We drove back to Santa Fe, stopping along the way at another local brew pub for some frosty beverages.

We spent the afternoon & evening playing games & surfing the internet. Much better than in the damp cold rain…!

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