Jim Plant Memorial Ski-Orienteering Contest

Clare and Kelly Get Checkpoint #13
Team Clearly Elk (anagram of Clare and Kelly) braved wintery conditions for the Jim Plant Memorial Ski-Orienteering contest. For those who don’t know, Ski Orienteering is where one skis around a course as fast as one can while reading the map and hitting checkpoints in order.

Jim Plant Memorial Ski Orienteering Contest Map The 10th Checkpoint
The Map and a Checkpoint

It’s a combination of athletic prowess, endurance, map and geography negotiation, and patience. Kelly and I demonstrated all of these attributes over the course of the day. We did not come in last place, so that was nice…but we definitely have a long way to go before we dominate.

Kelly Ready to Start Ski-Orienteering
Kelly the Navigator

Clare Enjoying the Ski Orienteering
Clare the Scout

Frisco Nordic Trails
We Went Off the Beaten Path! Going through powder is exciting on skinny cross country skis.

Kelly Skiing Away From 10th Checkpoint
Yeah, it was a low snow year…

Kelly at the Finish Line
Kelly at the Finish Line

Clare at the Finish Line
Clare at the Finish Line

Jim Plant Memorial Ski Orienteering Contest Finish Time
Our results…notice how some of the checkpoints took a lot longer for us to reach than others…yeah, those were the hard ones!

Thanks to Kelly for making this contest uber fun and for being patient with the map! I can’t wait to give it a go next year!!!

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