Annual Waffles and Ski, Snow Mountain Ranch, CO

Snow Mountain Ranch

Clare & Dennis Snowshoeing at Snow Mountain Ranch
Dennis and I attended the annual Waffles and Ski day up at Snow Mountain Ranch at YMCA of the Rockies. Dan’s waffles were extraordinaire, as always! After the sumptuous breakfast, we broke out into indivual groups to either cross country ski or snowshoe. There was a big snowshoe contingent this year, so we were happy to not be the only ones…Ryan & Erica, Eddie and his friend, Dennis and I.

All Ready for Nordic Excitement
Skiers Heading Out

Dan and Phil Skiing
Dan and Phil Cruising

Ryan and Erica on Snowshoes
Ryan and Erica Warming Up

Ryan and Erica Sporting Snowshoes
Later In the Trees…

Clare & Dennis Bundled Up
Dorky Self Portrait

Wired Sign Almost Weird
A Weird Sign!

Snow Mountain Ranch
A nice view!

Snowshoe Gang is Ready for Lunch
Heading Back

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