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Day Hike – White Rock La Madre Springs Loop, Red Rocks, Nevada

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Start of White Rock La Madre Springs Loop Hike

I had been meaning to take my annual trip to Vegas, but time was never right. Finally, I decided, I better just make it happen. Although climbing was not to be the main event, this trip! One of my best bud’s, Rachel, is pregnant so I wanted to spend some quality time with her before the little one arrived.

So, instead of climbing, we decided to go for a lovely loop hike at Red Rocks. The White Rock La Madre Springs loop hike is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours! In VFFs, it’s even more fun. Rachel, our friend Erin (also a climber), and I enjoyed an unseasonably warm and windless desert December day.

Erin is getting married soon, so there was also much talk of her wedding plans. What a girrrly hike we had, it was full of delightful discussion-babies and weddings galore! (more…)

Day Hike – Calico Tanks, Red Rocks, NV

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Calico Tanks Hike

Rachel & Clare Calico Basin, Red Rocks

Clare, Emma, Dennis at Calico Tanks

For day 2 of the weekend in Vegas, we did the Calico Tanks hike in Red Rocks Park. The hike is fairly mellow, ascending a few hundred feet to a pretty overlook and the very empty Calico Tanks. The cavernous rock pits generally store water through-out the year, but there was just a puddle at the bottom. How odd! (more…)

Rock Climbing – Red Rocks – Pantywall

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Red Rocks from Panty Wall
On Saturday, Emma, Rachel, Dennis & I climbed at the Pantywall. There were crowds (Thanksgiving Weekend), but we all had fun regardless.

Clare High Stepping Boxer Rebellion (5.7)
Climbergirl & Emma at Panty Wall, Red Rocks

The weather was great, a bit chilly in the morning, but warming up perfectly for the afternoon. We did all the moderate bolted climbs worth doing (more…)