Fright Flight Ultimate Tournament – Ft. Collins, CO

Dennis & I played ultimate frisbee at Fright Flight in Fort Collins, CO. Our team, Victorious Secret played all day Saturday and for 2 games on Sunday. We were the lowest team in the hardest bracket, which made for challenging play. We managed to have a great time regardless. For pictures, .

Dennis Uses His Angel Wings to Catch the Disc:
Dennis Jumps for the Disc

Clare Clutches the Disc
Clare Catches the Disc

Clare About to Catch One
Clare About to Catch Disc

Clare Wings Spread in Defense
Clare Tight Defense

Dan, The Dirtiest Angel, Showing Off After a Hot Endzone Play
Dan the Dirty Angel

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?
Clare at Fright Flight

Dennis & Julie About to Take Part in the Aviator Challenge
Aviators After Game Challenge

Dennis & Julie Begin the Aviator Challenge
Dennis Races Julie in Aviator Challenge

Victorious Secret Team Photo
Victorious Secret at Fright Flight 2010

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