Rachel’s Bridal Shower Extravaganza

Clare, Rachel (Bride!), and Phyllis

After many years of searching, my friend Rachel finally met the ONE! SO, I flew to Las Vegas to be with her during her Bridal Shower Weekend Extravaganza. There was very little we *didn’t* do that weekend. We did, however, skip out on the typical drinking activities and trashy strip joints.

It’s apparent where I’m going by what I’m packing!
Guess where I'm going this weekend?

Justine & Betsy Warrior Pose

It's Time for Yoga!

Home Improvement, Betsy & Justine Worked to Hang Blinds
Betsy Measures for Curtain Hanging

Rachel With A Drill (Watch Out World!)
Rachel With A Cordless Drill

The Blinds:
Betsy & Justine Hung Curtains

Bridal Shower Food:
The Buffet at Rachel's Bridal Shower

Rabbi Mintz About to Affix the Mezuzah
Rabbi Mintz About to Put Up the Mezuzah

Rachel With Her Family Mezuzah
Rachel Reaching Her Mezuzah

Twenty Questions Game
Rachel Reading 20 Questions

We Played 20 Questions

Playing 20 Questions at Rachel's Shower

Champagne Toast
Mazal Tov to Rachel!

Mazal Tov to Rachel from Clare!

Time for Cake!
Rachel Cutting Her Cake

Rachel Opening Gifts

Rabbi Mintz Gifted Rachel with Glass Platter

Beautiful Glass Serving Tray & Candle Holders

Neat Crafts Container

Ribbon Hat
Elvia and Charlene Fininshing Ribbon Hat

Rachel With Her Ribbon Hat & Two Rascal Dogs!
Rachels With Ribbon Hat & Naughty Doggies

Rachel & Clare
Rachel & Clare


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