Snowboarding – Granby Ranch

Clare at Sol Vista

I had been to Winter Park with Dennis the weekend before Christmas, and had a blast boarding there. They have a plethora of intermediate runs, and lots of nice snow. The lifts were fast, and the tickets affordable. Winter Park itself as a town is a cute little village, so it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.

Dennis at Sol Vista

In any event, since we were up on Saturday snowshoe hiking, we figured we would check out Granby Ranch . The Granby Ranch resort is a great place for families as all the beginner/intermediate stuff is on one mountain and all the advanced runs are on another.

The geographic separation is helpful in that you’re never going to accidentally end up on a black diamond (which almost happened to me at Winter Park!). It’s also nice because it’s not that crowded, since it is a little further away from Denver than Winter Park, a lot of folks won’t drive the extra half an hour to get there.

After the hike, my legs were a little wobbly, so I decided to cut the day short and stop around lunchtime. I was beat, and wanted to take a nap so I would be alert for our drive home. Dennis could probably have boarded until closing, but we both agreed it would be best to leave before the traffic was completely out of hand!

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  1. funnybunny says:


    As usual, the two of you seem to have more fun than a barrel full of rabbits. Eat some mile-high snow for me, ok?