Grand Canyon – R2R The Day After

Clare & Rachel at Bright Angel Point Clare & Dennis at Bright Angel Point R2R Runners on Bright Angel Point

Cankle: An ankle of a fat person in which the the ankle and the calf appear seamless. (

On Sunday morning it was very difficult to pull myself up from the camping pad. I was incredibly sore, and my left foot had developed into a very colorful cankle. Barry was feeling much the same way, sans cankle.

We had breakfast and tore down camp. Then, we took a walk out on Bright Angel Point. It was a quarter mile hike, but I couldn’t have made it without Dennis. He helped support me as I hobbled down the concrete path.

One old lady saw me hobbling on the way back, and declared she didn’t want to go out to the point if it was such a tough walk. I laughed out loud, and explained to her that my waddling had nothing to do with the meager walk. I encouraged her to proceed and she did, albeit suspiciously.

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