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Grand Canyon – R2R The Day After

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Clare & Rachel at Bright Angel Point Clare & Dennis at Bright Angel Point R2R Runners on Bright Angel Point

Cankle: An ankle of a fat person in which the the ankle and the calf appear seamless. (

On Sunday morning it was very difficult to pull myself up from the camping pad. I was incredibly sore, and my left foot had developed into a very colorful cankle. Barry was feeling much the same way, sans cankle.

Grand Canyon R2R – Run Report

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Clare & Barry Celebrate R2R Success
After a night of howling wind and frequent awakenings, “Is our tent still on the ground, or have we been hijacked and landed in Oz?”, the alarms ringed in tandem. With the flick of a switch, Barry & I sprung to action. We put our running gear on, making small shuffling sounds, trying not to disturb our tentmates.

I was a brave knight going into battle. First the undergarments, then the garments, then chain mail, and finally the battle armaments. A hushed “I love you, have a great run.” from Dennis sent me out into the cold windy night. With a grunt, I stumbled out of the tent to join Barry & Anne for some middle of the night coffee. It was 3:30am and about 40dF outside. (more…)

Grand Canyon R2R – Video & Technical Data

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

I ran with Barry & Anne from the North to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is 24.4 miles of running with over 10,000 ft of elevation gain/loss. Start: 4am and Finish:12pm (Anne finished at 1:40pm). With 4 bathroom/snack breaks and a stop to tape my hideously sprained ankle, running time was ~7 hours. A most excellent adventure!!!

GPS Elevation & Speed Plots:
Grand Canyon R2R Run GPS Elevation Profile
Grand Canyon R2R Run GPS Speed
Please be aware, there’s error in almost every data point for the ascent of the South Rim. As a result, the speed & elevation profiles show that we went 27 miles instead of 24.4. Dennis & I spent several hours reducing the error (as it falsely reported we had run 30 miles)! I did not feel like spending any more time with it, so please forgive the data innaccuracy!

R2R Video: