Grand Canyon R2R – Video & Technical Data

I ran with Barry & Anne from the North to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is 24.4 miles of running with over 10,000 ft of elevation gain/loss. Start: 4am and Finish:12pm (Anne finished at 1:40pm). With 4 bathroom/snack breaks and a stop to tape my hideously sprained ankle, running time was ~7 hours. A most excellent adventure!!!

GPS Elevation & Speed Plots:
Grand Canyon R2R Run GPS Elevation Profile
Grand Canyon R2R Run GPS Speed
Please be aware, there’s error in almost every data point for the ascent of the South Rim. As a result, the speed & elevation profiles show that we went 27 miles instead of 24.4. Dennis & I spent several hours reducing the error (as it falsely reported we had run 30 miles)! I did not feel like spending any more time with it, so please forgive the data innaccuracy!

R2R Video:

Times & Places:
North Rim (8250 ft, mile 0) 4am
Supai Tunnel (6800 ft, mile 1.8) 4:30am
Roaring Springs (5200 ft, mile 4.7) 5:00am
Cottonwood Campground (4080 ft, mile 6.9) 5:45am
Phantom Ranch (2480 ft, mile 9.8) 8:00am
Colorado River (2400 ft, mile 14.5) 8:20am
Resthouse (2480 ft, mile 16.7) 9:00am
Indian Gardens Campground (3800 ft, mile 19.8) 9:40am
South Rim (6860 ft, mile 24.1) 12:08pm

Platypus DayPack & 70 oz camelback bladder
Petzl Emergency Headlamp (not bright enough)
Sony Camera
8oz belt attachable drink
Cloth pouch for camera/gu’s
Rescue Whistle
Sleeping Pills
Pocket warmer
Komperdell Trekking Poles

Two Gu’s (Espresso & Apple/Cinnamon – Ate Both!)
One Shotblock (Margherita Flavor-Ate it!)
Half bag of Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels (Ate 5 during run, the rest in shuttle back)
4 sticks of dried Spicy Mango (Ate in Shuttle)
1 Apple (Ate it!)
1 Protein Bar (Did not eat, instead I had a homemade Brolley Bar)

Saucony Running Shoes
Gators (by!)
Tank Top
Arm Warmers
Waterproof Windbreaker
Polypro gloves
Polypro beanie
Extra Pair of Socks

Training Regime:
Ran Track Practice Tuesdays (Phidippides Track Club, Denver)
Ran Trail Running Sessions Sundays (Golden Trail Running Group)
Competed in a Half Marathon with lots of elevation gain/loss (Horsetooth Half)
Climbed in Gym Midweek
I climbed & ran whenever I could

My goal was to be able to run for 3 hours consistently at a pace which pushed my limits. This, I believed would (and did) prepare me for the 14 miles of relatively flat terrain in the canyon.

For the steep sections, I walked, then ran up/down steep grades for the 2 months leading up to the R2R. For *better* results on the steeps, I would recommend working legs by doing leg squats, calf extensions, leg raises, and biking. I did not do enough to prepare my quads for the insanely steep rise of the south rim.

Thanks to the following blogger for his helpful insight!!!

For an awesome MAP of the Rim 2 Rim Trail, go here:
This map shows elevation and major stopping points.

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