Family Visit & Horseback Riding – Reno, NV

Clare & Dennis with Mom
Clare Getting Ready to Ride Dakota
Dennis & I went to visit family in Reno, NV. We met up with his Aunts’ Irene and Jean, Mom and Dad, Sister Sherry, and her kids.

Alexis Riding Dakota
My niece, Alexis spends every afternoon riding her horse Dakota. I got a little lesson and then threw myself at the mercy of this very huge beast. It was a lot of fun, but challenging. I’m very glad that her horse is so well trained as I had no idea what I was doing!

Here’s Alexis, Me, and Aunt Jean with Dakota:
Alexis, Clare, and Aunt Jean with Dakota

Alexis & I grooming Dakota:
Clare & Alexis Grooming Dakota

Me Jumping up onto Dakota (He’s 17 Hands Tall!)
Mounting a 17 Hand Horse is Hard!

Preparing to Ride
Clare Inserting Foot into Stirup

Riding Dakota!
Climbergirl Riding Dakota

Alexis Teaching Me How to Go In Reverse!
Alexis Showing Me How to Handle Dakota

Me Wearing Sherry’s Awesome Leather Hat
Goofball Sighting

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