Cross Country Skiing, Frisco Nordic Center, CO

Goofball Sighting in Frisco! Frisco in Winter

I met Dan, Marcia, and Mike for a windy, snowy day of cross country skiing up in Frisco, CO. The Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club was also there, hosting a competition.

Bob President of Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club
Throughout our day, we were greeted by the competetors as they whizzed by us with maps in hand. It looked like a lot of fun, but quite the challenge! It’s tricky enough reading maps and navigating in nice weather, let alone the blizzard we were currently surrounded by!

Dan, Mike, and Marcia Skiing in Frisco
When we started, they had not yet groomed all the trails. By accident, we veered off the trail and I ended up in waist deep powder. Dan helped me figure out how to turn around, but it was exausting. Marcia helped us get back on track, and soon we were trucking right along.

Mike, Marcia, and Dan Enjoy the Powder
Even though it was snowing & windy, we managed to have a nice day out on our skis. Can’t wait to get out again!

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