Edinburgh – Day 1 – Arthur’s Seat (820 ft)

While we were waiting for our friends to join us, we decided to spend the morning hiking in Holyrood Park. In Scotland Eyewitness Travel, it says, “The area has been a royal hunting ground since at least the time of King David 1 (1153AD) and a royal park since 16th century.”.

Arthur’s Seat is a huge hill which is actually an extinct volcano, and from the top elevation 820 ft, one gets a sweeping view of Edinburgh.

After Holyrood, we walked over to Regent Park and past the Old High School building:
Dennis Enjoys the View at Regent's Park Old High School Edinburgh, Scotland

We also passed an interesting sign. Below it were very steep stairs leading to Waverly Station.
Jacob's Ladder in Edinburgh
Clare Near Jacob's Ladder Dennis Near Jacob's Ladder

We met up with our friends at the flat we had all rented on 6 Leopold Place. This was our deluxe antique filled room, with an ensuite two person bath & sink (no toilet!):
6 Leopold Place, Edinburgh

Our friends were famished as they had just arrived, and going through airports makes one hungry! We took a lovely walk to a local fish (or kebabs) and chips joint. They served us enormous quantities. My friend, Nalan, is Turkish and so were the restaurant managers so we think they gave us extras!
Fish or Kebab N Chips - Love It

After a nice afternoon walk, we headed out for dinner. As we walked to the tapas restaurant recommended by the flat owners, we saw the sun set:
Edinburgh Sunset

Dinner at Barioja Tapas Bar and Cafeteria was definitely something special. They brought out plate after plate of local delicacies. Two of our group don’t eat pork, one person doesn’t eat shellfish, and one person doesn’t eat beef-so we were a tricky group to feed!

And yet, we were all impressed with the artistic presentation and the creativity of the dishes. I took one picture of a fish plate which was absolutely perfect:
Fish Tapas from Barioja in Edinburgh

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