Mountaineering, Mount Bancroft Attempt

Climbergirl Shadow on Mt. Bancroft
Climbergirl Shadow Pointing the Way

Erin Scrambling Up Mt. Bancroft
Erin Enjoying the Scrambling on Mt. Bancroft

Erin and I attempted to climb Mt. Bancroft (13,250 ft). We did not have a 4WD vehicle, so we drove as far down Loch Lomond road as possible. We parked at the first gate, after chickening out and turning around after 0.5 miles of driving down the boulder and potholed road. Later, we discovered a Subi which made it to the 2nd gate, so either they have insane car maneuvering skills or they had wooden planks and props in the back…

In any event, we had to hike a couple extra miles since we parked down low. This extra couple of miles made a big difference in our ability to summit because the winds picked up just as we got to the scramble bit. Also, Erin forgot her gloves, so we couldn’t have her climbing with numb fingers! In the end, we decided to turn around and save the summit for another day. I think our decision was wise, given the situation.

Here are pictures from our days’ outing:
There are Large Boulders and Holes in Loch Lomond Road!
This picture shows you a pothole with a boulder on the edge that goes up to Erin’s Knees. Major obstacle, but one can overcome this with skillful driving or a 4wd high clearance vehicle!

Pretty Morning Mountains From Loch Lomond Road
Early Morning Mountains from Loch Lomond Road

The 2nd Gate to Loch Lomond
The 2nd Gate on Loch Lomond Road!

View from Road to Loch Lomond
View From the Road Towards Loch Lomond

Erin Scrambling Up from Loch Lomond
Erin Just Above Loch Lomond

Lake Caroline and Mt. Bancroft
Lake Caroline and Mt. Bancroft

Looking Down On Stewart Lake From Mt. Bancroft
Stewart Lake from Mt. Bancroft Ridge

Erin Having a Snack on Mt. Bancroft
Erin Eating Lunch on the Lee Side of Mt. Bancroft Ridge!

Erin Trying to Stay Warm on Mt. Bancroft
Erin on the Ridge of Mt. Bancroft

Clare on Mt. Bancroft Ridge
Clare on Mt. Bancroft

Rappel Slings aka Trash on Mt. Bancroft
Garbage on Mt. Bancroft, Slings Left from Rappels into the Notch

The Rappel on Mt. Bancroft
Looking Down Into the Notch (From this spot, it’s about 30 ft)

A Break at Caroline Lake With Mt. Bancroft Teasing Us
Lunch at Lake Caroline (After Our Retreat from the Wind and Numb Digits)

Subaru Forester Almost Makes It Up To Loch Lomond
A Subaru Way Down Loch Lomond Road! They Almost Made it to the Lake! Gutsy or skilled…you decide!

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