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Mountaineering, Mount Bancroft Attempt

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Climbergirl Shadow on Mt. Bancroft
Climbergirl Shadow Pointing the Way

Erin Scrambling Up Mt. Bancroft
Erin Enjoying the Scrambling on Mt. Bancroft

Erin and I attempted to climb Mt. Bancroft (13,250 ft). We did not have a 4WD vehicle, so we drove as far down Loch Lomond road as possible. We parked at the first gate, after chickening out and turning around after 0.5 miles of driving down the boulder and potholed road. Later, we discovered a Subi which made it to the 2nd gate, so either they have insane car maneuvering skills or they had wooden planks and props in the back… (more…)