Day Hike – Crater Lakes, Moffat Tunnel, CO

Moffat Tunnel Trailhead
What a weekend! Climbing the First Flatiron with Doug, followed up by a lovely day hike to the Crater Lakes in James Peak Wilderness with Erin and Josh. Super duper fun…I wish all weekends could all be this rad!

James Peak Wilderness Kiosk at Moffat Tunnel
I met up with Josh and Erin really early in the AM. We drove in Josh’s jeep to the trail head at the Moffat Tunnel. Hiking ensued lasting several hours. We meandered our way up to the lakes and stopped briefly for lunch. It was fairly breezy and chilly, so we didn’t loiter for long.

Clare Hiking in the Snow, James Peak Wilderness

On the hike back to the car we saw lots of people with dogs and skis heading out for the afternoon. I thought it was a bit late in the day, but maybe they were just going to be out for an hour. On the way back to Denver, we stopped at Very Nice Brewery in Nederland for a pint (or three!).

Erin Excited to See Crater Lakes
Erin ready for adventure.

Moffat Tunnel Housing for Exhaust Fans
Josh inspecting the Moffat Tunnel exhaust fan housing.

Erin Taking a Photo in James Peak Wilderness
Taking a photo of Erin doing the same.

Crater Lake, James Peak Wilderness, CO
On Crater Lake!

Josh and Erin in the James Peak Wilderness
Heading back to the trail head.

Just Hanging Around, James Peak Wilderness
Just hanging around JPW.

Moffat Tunnel and James Peak Wilderness (Looming in Distance)
Back at the Trail Head. You can see the Moffat Tunnel and the wilderness behind it!

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