Hiking – Douglas County High Point, Thunder Butte (9,836 ft)

Mountain Gals Ready to Bag Another Peak
Georgia, Linda, Myself, and Erin. Our Target, Thunder Butte, in the background.

Summit of Thunder Butte
On Top of Thunder Butte! Pike’s Peak in the Background.

Linda and Georgia were going to hike up Thunder Butte, the high point of Douglas County, and invited Erin and I to join them. I thought it sounded like a fun and easily attainable summit.

Thunder Butte Topo
Our Destination!

I was looking forward to hiking a non-snow covered trail. It was the first big hike I had done since my ultra, so I wasn’t sure how my feet would feel. Both my big toenails had blisters underneath them, so I figured there would be a small element of pain. Tape goes a long way towards helping, but I also wore a thicker pair of socks.

Linda and Georgia on the Way to Thunder Butte
Linda and Georgia on the hike up. Taken about 30 minutes into our hike.

Linda Enjoying the Hike
Linda in a pretty wooded section. The trees in this area must have survived the fire!

Erin Pointing the Way to Thunder Butte
Erin Points the Way to the Summit!

Linda Navigating the Forest Falderal
Linda climbing over forest debris.

Thunder Butte Geographic Marker
Summit Marker!

Thunder Butte Climbergirls
Yay, Summit Time! It took us 2.5 hours to ascend and about 1.5 hours back to the car.

Jousting With Plant Matter
We Jousted with Plant Matter. Fun!

Spring Is Here
Spring has Sprung!

Clare at the Bucksnort Saloon
Had to Stop at Bucksnort!

Bucksnort Saloon Building

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