Day Hike & Family Spat Diverted – Chimney Rock Loop Hike, Capitol Reef National Park

CMC Hikers at Chimney Rock Trail Head
On a rest day from canyoneering, we decided to hike the Chimney Rock Loop in Capitol Reef National Park. It was a great little 1.5 hour hike with pretty views.

Chimney Rock Jumping

Chimney Rock Panorama

After the hike was over, we ran into a guy who was hanging out by the side of the road with two touring bikes. Turns out he and his twin brother (whom we saw hitch hiking earlier) were on a trip cross country when they got in a horrible spat. One brother called the other brother a fetus in front of a food worker at a sandwich shop and that was the last straw.

So the brother we saw was sitting there with 2 bikes, calmly wondering what to do. We suggested taking him back to the rangers station, where there were bathrooms and water. Fred put the spare bike in his car and we went back to the ranger station. When we got there, the brother who threw the tantrum (who had hitch hiked) was in the parking lot!

Oh no! We were all wondering what was going to happen. I was preparing for a fight as the brothers who were both still steamed, were about to be re-united!

I brought some salt and fresh ground pepper potato chips over as the scene was unfolding. Fred took the bike out of his car and the tantrum brother was in an uproar. We told him what happened and that we brought the bike back and that the calmer brother was about to show up. I offered him some chips and hoped it would improve his blood sugar. Sometimes people become combative when they are low on carbs…So he eats some chips and starts to simmer down.

The calm brother shows up and they argue a bit, but manage to keep it more civil. We have successfully brought them back together and later we see them ride off together. Yay, success!

Gifford Farmhouse Scenic Hike

Capitol Reef Panorama

Clare & Dennis in Capitol Reef National Park

We went for another short hike, after the drama was over. Erin opted out after about a mile as it was getting pretty hot. She took a nap in the shade while the rest of us wandered up to a nice little overlook.

Cooling Off in the Creek
Cooling off in the Fremont River

Erin Floating in the Creek
Erin Floating in the Freemont

We then decide to cool off by dipping our feet in the Fremont River. Well actually, Fred and Erin jump in. Jill and Dennis wade and splash everybody. And, I enjoy the shade of a tree, keeping my feet dry. One of my toenails had recently dearly departed and the other was hanging on by a thread. So, I didn’t think it was prudent to get them wet with the river water. Who knows what sort of infections I might get, with my toes in that condition!

After the river, we check out the petroglyphs. Erin took this rad picture…
Petroglyphs in Capitol Reef National Park

Nice relaxing day! We stopped in Hanksville for showers and then headed back to camp.

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