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Day Hike & Family Spat Diverted – Chimney Rock Loop Hike, Capitol Reef National Park

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

CMC Hikers at Chimney Rock Trail Head
On a rest day from canyoneering, we decided to hike the Chimney Rock Loop in Capitol Reef National Park. It was a great little 1.5 hour hike with pretty views.

Chimney Rock Jumping

Chimney Rock Panorama

After the hike was over, we ran into a guy who was hanging out by the side of the road with two touring bikes. Turns out he and his twin brother (whom we saw hitch hiking earlier) were on a trip cross country when they got in a horrible spat. One brother called the other brother a fetus in front of a food worker at a sandwich shop and that was the last straw.