Mountaineering – Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain, RMNP

Climbergirl on Summit of Mummy Mountain
Summit of Mummy Mountain (13,425 ft)

Climbergirl on High Point of Laramie County
Summit of Hagues Peak (13,560 ft)

On Saturday, I joined Linda, Tom, and Georgia in a peak bagging adventure, involving two 13’ers in a remote corner of Rocky Mountain National Park. The main crux with these peaks is the weather. How would we fair if confronted with afternoon storms, so far from the trailhead?

Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain Topo
Topo Map of My Route

The highpoint of Larimer County, Hagues Peak, is a remote peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, requiring a strenuous, yet scenic hike, from the Lawn Lake Trail Head. While I was there, I figured I’d go for Mummy Mountain too. Mummy Mountain is the 8th highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it is too short to make even the Tri-Centennial list (top 300 highest peaks in the state of CO).

Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain Elevation Profile
From the elevation profile, above, you can see how bagging these two peaks in a day is a challenge! It’s just over 18 miles round trip with 6,200 ft of gain, to climb both peaks.

I was prepared to meet the challenge, but what about Tom, Linda, and Georgia?

In order to improve our chances for a successful summit, we stayed in Estes Park the night before. By leaving the hotel at oh-dark-thirty, we gave ourselves the largest margin of time with which to get the hike started.

Tom and Linda were up at the requisite time and ready for the hike. I peeled myself out of bed and we all piled into the SUV. At the trailhead, we added some layers to battle the brisk early morning chill and then headed off.

Linda and Tom Ready for Adventure
Leaving the trailhead at 5:40am

The start of the Lawn Lake trail is pleasant, with gentle switchbacks. It was a nice way to ease into the morning. We made good progress down the trail. Soon, we were all peeling off layers as the sun was rising.

Majestic Longs Peak From Lawn Lake Trail
Taken about an hour into our hike.

Hagues Peak From Lawn Lake Trail
Approaching Lawn Lake, after 2.5 hours of hiking.

Georgia had left the trail head earlier than the rest of us, so we kept our eyes peeled on the trail up ahead.

Georgia at Lawn Lake
We didn’t catch her until we got to the south end of Lawn Lake, almost 6 miles into the hike.

Lawn Lake
We hiked for another hour or so, until we were a few hundred feet above Lawn Lake.

Flowers and Friends
Cute shot of Linda and Georgia among flowers.

After Lawn Lake, there are a couple ways one can summit Hagues Peak:

1. Stay on the trail until you get to the saddle between Hagues Peak and Fairchild Mountain. Then, hike northeast, along the ridge of Hagues Peak to the summit. I’ve heard this is class 3.

or, what we did:

2. At the trail split to Crystal Lake, stay to the right. A left at the fork will take you to Crystal Lake. Keep looking to your right, for a good point to deviate from the trail. There are some cliffs, so you definitely want to keep hiking on the trail until you are past these cliffs. There should be a nice greenish grassy ramp which angles up steeply to the saddle between Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain.

If you follow this ramp, you will be much closer to the base of Mummy Mountain than Hagues Peak. If you don’t follow the ramp, then you have some 3rd class bits of talus and rock debris to negotiate…but it goes.

Grassy Slopes Below Mummy Mountain
On the way up, we ignored the grassy ramp (center of picture above) and made a bee-line for the ridge of Hagues Peak.

Tom Closing in on the Summit of Hagues Peak
Tom and I ended up about 1/3 of a mile from the summit of Hagues Peak.

Tom Scrambling Up Hagues Peak
From this spot, it was a very pleasurable boulder hop to a gentle rocky ramp which led to the summit.

Gear Adjustment Before Final Summit Scramble
The last bit to the summit…there is a dirt trail in front of us, which leads to the summit.

Tom Pointing Towards Longs Peak on Summit of Hagues Peak
Tom pointing to Longs Peak, on the summit of Hagues Peak

Longs Peak from Summit of Hagues Peak
What he is looking at!

On the way down, I took the ridge back to the saddle between Hagues and Mummy and then ran up Mummy Mountain.

Hagues Peak From South Ridge
Looking back at Hagues Peak from the South Ridge

Mummy Peak from Hagues Peak Slopes
From the same spot as the last picture, just looking forward to Mummy Mountain

Ascending Mummy was much more enjoyable than Hagues. The rock was more solid and there were nice grassy ledges almost all the way.

Lawn Lake from Summit of Mummy Mountain
Lawn Lake and Crystal Lake

Hagues Peak from Mummy Mountain
Hagues Peak from Mummy Mountain (You can also see the Hagues and Fairchild Saddle, and Crystal Lake).
The view from Mummy was also a little more rewarding as one can see Hagues and Fairchild with Crystal Lake nestled beneath.

After hustling up Mummy Mountain (Tagged the summit at ~1pm), I ran down the grassy slopes. The rest of the gang had decided to not do Mummy. Tom was chivalrous and stayed with Linda and Georgia, who were both not up for the added challenge.

Mummy Mountain Close-up
Here’s a look back at Mummy Mountain. It took me about 15 minutes to get to this spot, from the summit.

Fairchild Mountain and Taped Toes
I took a break at 2pm, to radio the gang. They were about 400 feet below me, back on the trail. I took some time to tape my toes, for the 6+ mile hike out.

I caught up with the gang, just above Lawn Lake. Even though they didn’t climb Mummy Mountain, they were nice enough to wait for me so we could all hike out together.

Lawn Lake Trail Switchback
We reached the switchbacks south of Lawn Lake at about 4pm.

It was a fast hike downhill, but not an easy one. After all those miles, we all started feeling various aches and pains when we got to mile 16. With two miles left, we tried to stay in the game mentally. Tom helped out by goofing off a bit and singing some silly tunes. I was appreciative he was being such a goofball, so I joined in on the fun.

The Nicely Groomed Lawn Lake Trail
Pretty Trail!

Longs Peak From Lawn Lake Trail
Pretty Views!

Wild Mushroom on Lawn Lake Trail
Pretty Shrooms!

Before we knew it, we were back at the trailhead. Climbing Mummy Mountain and Hagues Peak in a day is hard business.

Before this hike, I had contemplated Mr. Roach’s Mummy Madness, now I’m not sure I want a piece of that (would be) epic day. Tacking on 4 more peaks (Fairchild, Ypsilon, Chiquita, and Chapin) after those two would be madness! However, maybe it would be fun to do just the last 4 in a day…

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