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Ice Climbing – Hidden Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Alpenglow from Hidden Falls
Alpenglow in RMNP

Clare Ice Climbing at Hidden Falls
Ice Climbing at Hidden Falls

I volunteered to be an assistant instructor with the Boulder CMC Ice Climbing class. We took a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked into the Hidden Falls area.


Mountaineering – Little Matterhorn, Rocky Mountain National Park – A CMC Trip

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

CMC Climbers on Little Matterhorn
Left to Right: David, Jane, Phil, Rick (thumbs up!), Clare, Monika, and Tony (A new friend!)

Summit Cheers on Little Matterhorn

On Sunday, as part of the Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial Celebration, I led a Colorado Mountain Club Trip to climb Little Matterhorn. We were six intrepid hikers looking for a good scramble. Since Little Matterhorn is featured in Dave Cooper’s Colorado Scrambles book; I was excited for the challenge!

This year, the CMC is attempting to climb the 100 highest peaks within RMNP, over the course of RMNP’s 100th Anniversary. Thus, CMC trip leaders were encouraged to pick a peak (or several!). Along with Little Matterhorn, I picked Mt. Meeker and McHenrys Peak.


Ice Climbing – Hidden Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Hidden Falls Ice Climbing Area
Hidden Falls are not so hidden!

Warming up to Ice Climb in RMNP
Mark Warming Up to Climb

Ice Climbers at Hidden Falls
Clare, Slava, Mark, and Doug at Hidden Falls

On Saturday, I went ice climbing with Slava, Mark, and Doug at Hidden Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. From the trail head, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the falls. The forested trail was well tracked and we didn’t need snowshoes. The weather looked superb, so I was psyched to climb.


Mountaineering – Longs Peak (14,255 ft) via the Keyhole

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Slava on Longs Peak Summit
Slava on Summit of Longs Peak

Super Psyched on Longs Peak
Climbergirl Conquers Longs Peak

Longs Peak and the Keyhole from Boulderfield
Our Destination, From the Boulderfield

On Friday, Slava and I took advantage of the clear weather and climbed Longs Peak. Originally, our plan was to climb Mt. Lady Washington, but since the weather was gorgeous and we were making excellent time, we decided to go for the summit of Longs Peak instead.

We ascended the ever popular Keyhole Route. It was my first time climbing Longs Peak, so I was excited to do this route in winter when there would be no crowds. Additionally, the element of snow and ice made the route more challenging and I enjoyed the added technicality of climbing with crampons.


Ice Climbing – Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Loch Vale Ice Climbers
On Sunday, I went ice climbing with Doug, Rick, and Slava. It was a gorgeous day at Loch Vale, in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were treated to perfect ice climbing conditions. It was my third ice climbing trip and, by far, the most fun!

In the Loch Vale Ice Cave
In the ice cave!
Photo Courtesy: Rick Casey

Loch Vale has a nice 30-40 minute approach and a variety of moderate climbs. My favorite thing about Loch Vale was the naturally formed ice cave, which sheltered us from the wind.

Clare Ice Climbing at Loch Vale
Climbergirl on Ice!
Photo Courtesy: Rick Casey

We climbed there for about 4 hours. When everybody had a good forearm pump, we called it a day.