Snowshoe Hiking – Mount Saint Vrain (12,162 ft)

CMC Snowshoe Hike of Mount Saint Vrain
Rick, Clare, Mike, and Roger at the Trail Head
Photos courtesy: Rick Casey

On Saturday, I co-led a Colorado Mountain snowshoe/ski trip. Our destination was Mount Saint Vrain, a popular backcountry snowshoe/ski area in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. On a clear day a view from the top includes a multitude of beautiful peaks, such as Mt. Audubon, to the south, and Longs Peak, to the north.

Since it was the middle of winter, we merely wished for good weather. If we saw the summit, then it would just be a big bonus!

Our wish was not granted. Light snow showered us as we walked through the forested path. A hearty gust of wind intermittently caught us off guard. As we approached tree line, we took out the map to make sure we were headed in the right direction.

Upon reaching the saddle between Meadow Mountain and Mount Saint Vrain, the wind picked up speed. I estimate it gusted at 60 mph. Visibility was cut to around 30 ft. It was time to turn around!

The folks on skis floated back to the car, while we hikers took a bit longer. Even though our day was cut short, it was still a beautiful hike and everybody had a fun time.

It was my first time using neoprene outer booties and I was very happy at their performance. For the first time all winter, my toes were warm!

Mount Saint Vrain Ski and Snowshoe
Pretty Forested Section

Rob Skiing Mount Saint Vrain
Rob Skiing

Rick Skiing Mount Saint Vrain
Rick Skiing

Bernice Skiing Mount Saint Vrain
Bernice Skiing

Mount Saint Vrain Trailhead
Back at the Trail Head. Here, one can see my new neoprene booties.

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