Peru – Day 6 – Cusco Walking Tour

Hotel Warwari Room 503
Hotel Warari – Room Number 503 – An excellent interior room, with 3 beds, on the 5th floor (quiet)!

Cusco Panorama from Hotel Warwari Rooftop Patio
View of Cusco from Hotel Warari rooftop!

Convent De Santo Domingo - Entrance
Convent De Santo Domingo Entrance

The Coca Museum
Our Tour Group in The Coca Musuem

On Tuesday, Dennis was not feeling well. He had major stomach problems, so he slept in while I enjoyed breakfast. We had to check out of the hotel and move to the Hotel Warari, to start our Intrepid Travels tour. We later met our tour group and took a walking tour of Cusco, which included a tour of the Coca Musuem. Then, for dinner, we went out to eat as a group and called it an early night.

Peruvian Petrol Protest
When we checked into Warari, we noticed there was a big protest going on down in the streets. It had to do with inequality of gas prices. I went up to the roof and captured the protest from above, which was a cool perspective.

At 12:30pm, we met our guide, Uriel. He took us on a walking tour of Cusco. Following pictures were taking while on that tour.

Convent De Santo Domingo
Convent De Santo Domingo

Cusco Courts of Justice
Cusco Courts of Justice

Coca Museum Signage
Coca Museum Signage

Nutritional Value of Coca
The Nutritional Value of Coca!

The Coca Flower
The Coca Flower, Seeds, and Plant

The walking tour was over in a couple hours and then we headed back to Hotel Warari. We were supposed to meet our Inca Trail Guide at 6pm and they would give us the lowdown about the hike. After the Inca Trail briefing, a number of us went out for dinner. It was nice to meet some of the tour guide participants.

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