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Around the World – Day 14 – Bruges, Belgium

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Bruges Minnewater Park Close-up

Above a Canal

Dennis and a Windmill

Bruges Town Square

Historical Walk Tour
Historical Walking Tour – Free!

Bruges is beautiful. The medieval architecture is enchanting. The chocolate and beer are phenomenal. And, the hand crafted lace is stunning. We took a little walking tour of the city and then we spent the rest of the day exploring. The weather was perfect and we got some very nice pictures. Enjoy!


Around the World – Day 13 – Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

The King's House
The King’s House

Charlie Beginning the Walking Tour
Charlie, with the white shirt and ballcap, at the Beginning of our Tour.

The Little Pisser Tin Tin Escaping a Building
The Little Pisser and Tin-Tin Escaping

The Mont De Arts Garden
Mont De Arts Garden (where we ended our tour)

For our first day in country, we decided to take advantage of the free walking tour of Brussels offered by Sandemans New Europe Tours. The tour begins in the main square and ends at the Mont De Arts Garden. We were greeted enthusiastically by our British guide, Charlie, and promptly whisked away through the quaint little streets of Brussels. Later, in the evening, we attend a Belgian Beer Tasting Tour, also through Sandemans. By the end of the day, we are both completely in love with Belgium! And, we haven’t even been to Bruges, yet…


Peru – Day 6 – Cusco Walking Tour

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Hotel Warwari Room 503
Hotel Warari – Room Number 503 – An excellent interior room, with 3 beds, on the 5th floor (quiet)!

Cusco Panorama from Hotel Warwari Rooftop Patio
View of Cusco from Hotel Warari rooftop!

Convent De Santo Domingo - Entrance
Convent De Santo Domingo Entrance

The Coca Museum
Our Tour Group in The Coca Musuem

On Tuesday, Dennis was not feeling well. He had major stomach problems, so he slept in while I enjoyed breakfast. We had to check out of the hotel and move to the Hotel Warari, to start our Intrepid Travels tour. We later met our tour group and took a walking tour of Cusco, which included a tour of the Coca Musuem. Then, for dinner, we went out to eat as a group and called it an early night.


Ecuador Day 2 – Quito Walking Tour

Friday, November 21st, 2014

On my first full day in country, I decided it would be cool to do a walking tour of Quito. It wasn’t until the afternoon, so I had plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely morning. Around 9am, I went downstairs to check my email using the hotel computer and I met a nice 20 something named Adam, from Perth, Australia.

Adam was about to start a 55 day tour of South America and had the morning free, while he waited to meet up with his tour group. So, we both decided to grab some coffee and walk around a bit.

San Francisco Monastary
The San Francisco Monestary

Enjoying a Break on the Steps of San Francisco Monastary
On the steps of the San Francisco Monastary

San Francisco Square
San Francisco Square

Commercial District Workers Protest
On our walk, we ended up in a square where there was a demonstration by a united group of workers who were on strike from their jobs in the commercial district. (more…)

Portugal, Day 10 – Lisbon Walking Tour

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Jeronimos Monastery Entrance

It was the last day of our adventure tour, so we were sad to say goodbye to Pedro. He was an excellent guide throughout the tour and we really had a blast hanging out with him.

Show Me Where You Live
Stand in the place where you live…!

Portuguese Discovery Monument and the 25 of April Bridge

For our last day on tour, Pedro took us on a walking tour of the Jeronimos Monastery and the Portuguese Discovery Monument. It was a gorgeous warm fall day in Lisbon, so walking around with him was super.

We were sad to be done with the tour, but excited to see how we would manage the second week on our own. We normally don’t have any problems in foreign places, but so far on our tour, we had really leaned on Pedro quite a bit. I figured we’d be fine, but there was a small bit of separation anxiety!

Coimbra With Moon Rising
After the tour, we travelled up to the university town, Coimbra, and arrived just in time to get settled into the Quintas Das Lagrimas.