Around the World – Day 13 – Brussels, Belgium

The King's House
The King’s House

Charlie Beginning the Walking Tour
Charlie, with the white shirt and ballcap, at the Beginning of our Tour.

The Little Pisser Tin Tin Escaping a Building
The Little Pisser and Tin-Tin Escaping

The Mont De Arts Garden
Mont De Arts Garden (where we ended our tour)

For our first day in country, we decided to take advantage of the free walking tour of Brussels offered by Sandemans New Europe Tours. The tour begins in the main square and ends at the Mont De Arts Garden. We were greeted enthusiastically by our British guide, Charlie, and promptly whisked away through the quaint little streets of Brussels. Later, in the evening, we attend a Belgian Beer Tasting Tour, also through Sandemans. By the end of the day, we are both completely in love with Belgium! And, we haven’t even been to Bruges, yet…

Sandeman New Brussels Tour
Start of the Tour. Charlie, our guide is behind us in the white shirt and ballcap.

Brussels Town Hall
Town Hall

Guild Halls
Guild Halls

Monument Everard t' Serclaes
Monument Everard. Stroke the sculpture for good luck!

Space Invaders
Space Invaders mosaics are all over the city. I liked this one, which is in the neighborhood of the Little Pisser.

Funny Sign and Good Place for Fries
Manneken Frites…even the fries are pissing!

Old Cathedral
This Cathedral has been renovated such that the exterior is brand new, but inside the walls, they have left the original 15th century foundation.

The Theater Which Started a Revolution
The Royal Theater. A revolution was started here after a rousing performance of an Opera!

Fun Belgian Public Art
Public Cartoon Artwork. They love comics in Belgium!

High Society Covered Shopping District
Beautiful Covered Shopping Area. We were nearly thrown out from this area by a local shop owner who was none too happy with the tour group standing outside his shop!

Royal Palace of Brussels
Royal Palace of Brussels

Charlie Our Tree Hugger Guide
Charlie, Our Tree Hugger Guide! Here we are in City Park…

Brussels City Park Pedestrian Path
Lots of nice areas to run!

Musical Instruments Musuem
Musical Instruments Museum.

About to Enjoy the Mont De Arts
At the End of the Tour

Space Invaders Tag
More Space Invaders!

Dennis at the Mont De Arts
Dennis at Mont De Arts

Clare at the Mont De Arts
Clare at Mont De Arts

Mont De Arts Sculpture
Mont De Arts Sculpture

After the tour, we walked around a little more and then went back to the apartment to rest up before the evening. We decided to take a Belgian Beer Tour, by Sandemans.

The tour included a lesson on the art of Belgian beer making, the Trappist Beers, and how to pour a perfect pint. We met at a local pub and then walked to 5 more establishments. We ended the tour at Delirium, a fine brewery with a world record for the number of beers stocked.

The Perfect Pint
Pouring the perfect pint!

Dennis Pouring Beer
Dennis’ turn to pour!

Our Beer Tour Group
Our tour group. Fun crowd!

Unmarked Trappist Beer
Unmarked Trappist Beer…being sold…very hard to get and very pricey!

Beer Menu
Sample Beer Menu…blonds and fruits.

Trying a Light Refreshing IPA
A Light and Refreshing IPA. I normally despise IPAs, but this one was okay.

Delirium Taps
Delirium Taps!

Delirium Cafe
Delirium Interior

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