Around the World – Day 14 – Bruges, Belgium

Bruges Minnewater Park Close-up

Above a Canal

Dennis and a Windmill

Bruges Town Square

Historical Walk Tour
Historical Walking Tour – Free!

Bruges is beautiful. The medieval architecture is enchanting. The chocolate and beer are phenomenal. And, the hand crafted lace is stunning. We took a little walking tour of the city and then we spent the rest of the day exploring. The weather was perfect and we got some very nice pictures. Enjoy!

At the Koning Albert I Park
Walking to the city proper was easy from the train station. Here we are passing through the Koning Albert I Park.

Beautiful Bruges Alley
Making our way to the city center.

T' Schrijverke Restaurant
The Schrijverke Restaurant…time for lunch!

Dennis Ready for Lunch
Dennis ready to eat!

Lunch in Bruges
Lamb lasagna, Fries, and Steak. Delicious food for a brisk spring walk-about.

Guido Gezelle Statue in Bruges
Guido Gezelle Statue

Bruges Canal Cruise
You can do a canal tour!

Bruges Provincial House
The Bruges Provincial House

Cool Mirrored Selfie
Selfie in the main square.

Bruges Belfort
Bruges Belfort

Saint Michael Rooftop Adornment
St. Michael Rooftop Adornment. Many of the buildings around Bruges had these beautiful, gilded finials.

Window Decorations
An example of the beautiful lace work!

Lace Weaving Demonstration at Rococo
At Rococo, we got a lace work demonstration. Neato!

Master Lace Artist Shuffling Bobbins
In action, the weaving happens very fast. It was dizzying to watch this lady as she deftly maneuvered the bobbins.

Public Art in the Convent
Convent Park.

From the Convent to the medieval Red Light District…
Baths in Bruges "Red Light" District

Dennis in the Bruges "Red Light" District
Dennis in the red light district.

Old Bridge in Bruges
On one of the old bridges.

Bruges City Hall
Bruges Town Hall

At the Duvelorium…
Dennis Reaching for a Duvel

My Sampler of Beer from Duvelorium
Beer Sample

Dennis' Beer from Duvelorium
The other half of our beer sample.

Path to the Windmills
Beautiful path to the windmills.

The Windmills!

Bruges Clock Tower
Bruges Clock Tower

The Bruges Opera House
The Bruges Opera House. The Belgians love to have modern buildings mixed in with ancient ones…Here’s a prime example of their modern style.

We had to leave Bruges early because the train workers were going to go on a strike that night. So, we didn’t get a chance to see what the town was like at night. We got one of the last trains back to Brussels and enjoyed a hearty dinner at our flat.

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