Rock Climbing – Prussik and Rappel Class

My Awesome BRS Group
From L-R: Elizabeth, Peter, Clare & Jill (Instructors), Becky, and Seth

After their exciting multi-pitch day, climbing the First Flatironette, it was time to learn how to use prussiks to ascend/descend a rope, how to rappel, and how to pass a knot. These basic self rescue skills are essential for rock climbers to know and could mean the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, for the students, they got some adversity training on top of their normal curriculum! With a few inches of fresh spring powder, we were guaranteed a chilly start to our day!

Ascending to the Practice Slab by the Dome
Our destination was the practice slab on the south side of the dome. It requires a bit of 3rd class scrambling.

Becky Ready to Belay
Here’s Becky Ready to Belay. The camera caught her with her eyes closed…but they were wide open a second later!

Jill and Seth At the Anchors
Seth Helping Jill set up an anchor.

Mother's Day Snow in Boulder Canyon
Mother’s Day Snow in Boulder Canyon!

Jill Preparing Becky for the Rap
Jill giving Becky some pointers prior to her first rappel on vertical terrain. Seth is giving a Becky a back-up belay, just in case!

Becky Rappelling
Becky rappelling. It’s tricky the first time, to ease over a lip!

Jill Demonstrating Pass the Knot
Jill demonstrating how to pass a knot or obstruction in the rope while rappelling.

BRS Students
Becky, Elizabeth, and Peter watching the pass the knot demonstration!

Seth About to Pass The Knot
Seth is about to pass the knot. All the students had to demonstrate that they could pass the knot, in order to graduate from the Basic Rock Climbing Class.

BRS Final Field Trip Group Shot - Bridge
Success! Everybody passed the class and did a great job. Now, they are ready to climb!

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