Around the World – Day 6 – Seoul

Three Buddhas at Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center
Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center

Having Fun at a Shopping Center
Insadong Shopping District is Fun!

Gogung Insadong Branch - Traditional Bi Bim Bap
Bi-Bim-Bap Menu! This place is awesome…it’s been in business for 40 years and has a continual stream of customers. Arrive promptly at 11am to beat the lunch crowd and get a table.

Featured Artist Yun Suknam
Yun Suknam’s Heart exhibit at the SOMA. We really loved her work; full of passion, purpose, and creativity.

Selfie on the River Walk
The Cheonggyecheon River Walk

Our first full day in Seoul was jam packed with activity. We started the day with a visit to the Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center. Then, we walked around the Insadong Shopping area and explored the streets of the old city. We had a traditional Bi-Bim-Bap lunch at a local hotspot, followed by a subway trip to the SOMA (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art). Wrapped up the adventure with a romantic stroll along the Cheonggyecheon River.

Clare and Cool Office Building Amazing Coffee
We woke up to a misty morning and went in search of coffee. Seoul has a lot of little coffee shops, so it didn’t take long!

Entrance to Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center
After coffee, we strolled over to the Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center.

Chubby Happy Buddha
Chubby, Happy Buddha

Big Tree at Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center
Clare and the Tree

Dennis at Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center
Dennis and the Tree

The Middle Buddha
Big Buddha

Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center Temple
Temple and Lanterns

Lanterns at Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Center

Small Streets of the Old City
Next, we walked to the Old City.

Then, we went to Insadong Shopping District.

Dennis Smiling for Good Luck
Dennis smiling for good luck.

View from Shopping Center
Shopping District

Taking a Moment on a Bench
Taking a break on a bench.

Eating Bi Bim Bap and Seafood Pancake
We worked up an appetite, so we went in search of traditional Bi-Bim-Bap! To the left on the table is a Seafood Pancake, which was delicious.

Finally, my BMW is Ready!
Space is at a premium, so I had to park my BMW in a rotating storage contraption. Joking!

In the afternoon, it started drizzling, so we thought we should go to the SOMA (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art). To get there, we had to take the Subway. Thankfully, it’s very well thought out and quite easy to ride. It was a bit tricky to figure out which direction the trains were going though, so at least once, we rode it for a stop, only to get off and get back on in the other direction.

Taking the Subway
Dennis entering the subway.

Subway Map Posted on the Inside
Subway Map on the inside of the train compartment.

You are Here!
You are here map. Unfortunately, these maps in the subway are zoomed out really far, so they are not as useful as one would hope.

SOMA (Seoul Olympic Musuem of Art)
Digital Expression. Each screen in this exhibit changes constantly, independent of the screens around it.

Selfie with Yun Suknam's Artwork
Paper and Mirrors. I purposely captured our image in the mirror.

Yun Suknam Featured in If Magazine
Yun Suknam, the featured artist, had a major cover by a feminist art magazine, “If”.

Wooden Dogs
We liked the Dogs!

Wooden People
Wooden People (these were about 18 inches high).

Heart Exhibit

In the Forest
In the Forest

Cool Wooden Art
Wooden Art

Cheonggyecheon - The River Walk
Cheonggyecheon – The River Walk

Avenue of Youth
Avenue of Youth!

Vibrant Alleys of the Cheonggyecheon River Walk
Vibrant Alleys with Shopping Opportunities

Innovative Use for Tires on the River Walk
Recycle those old tires…turn them into Gardens!

The River Walk at Cheonggyecheon
At night, the river walk was transformed with the light of these beautiful lanterns!

Who Knew Bikes Could Float
My favorite lantern!

Warrior on River Walk
A Warrior!

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