Around the World – Day 4 and 5 – Seattle to Seoul

Riding The Limo Bus in Seoul
On a Limo Bus, after an 11 hour flight.

The flight from Seattle to Seoul went very smoothly. Once we had landed in Seoul, it was easy to find the Limo Bus, which takes people from the Incheon Airport to the downtown area with minimal stops. The bus ride is 45-50 minutes.

Big Blue Bear
A very large blue bear, which reminded me of the large blue bear we have at the Denver Convention Center.

Centermark Hotel Room Slippers
Fresh, clean slippers to be used in the room!

Finally, we arrived at our bus stop and walked one block to the hotel, CenterMark. The location and price of this hotel was perfect for us. Our room was small, but we were just there for a few days, so something simple was fine. We were exhausted after the long flight, so we called it an early night.

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