Around the World – Day 8 – Seoul to Istanbul

There aren’t any pictures from this day as it was spent almost entirely on a plane. We flew for almost 12 hours from Seoul, South Korea to Istanbul, Turkey. The flight was uneventful; we watched several movies and slept. Upon arrival, we hailed a taxi to the hotel. The ride took 20 minutes.

We got to the hotel super early and so we napped in the lounge while they prepared our room. Once our room was ready, we went for a walk for lunch. When we got back, we met up with Nalan and Jatin, and lots of Jatin’s relatives. It was a nice bonus to see them! As we wrapped up the hasty visit, Errin and Dave arrived from the airport and we agreed to meet up with them for dinner.

For dinner, we all went to a well known Turkish Seafood place over by a marina. The taxi drove us over there and brought us back…so that was super convenient. The food was nice and we had a fantastic time.

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