Around the World – Day 9 – Istanbul Self Guided Tour (Part I)

Massive Turkish Flag
Nearing Election Day in Istanbul

Group Picture at Valens Aqueduct
At Valens Aqueduct with Errin and Dave

Group Picture Above Istanbul
Near Pierre Lotif Cafe. What an amazing view of Istanbul!

Panorama of Istanbul

On Friday, we joined up with Errin and Dave for a whirlwind tour of Istanbul. We were fortunate in that they had done their homework and lined up a super itinerary of must-do-places to see. It was our 2nd time in Istanbul, so the bucket list was not as massive as the first visit. Istanbul is a wonderful city for exploration and we were blessed with a fantastic, clear day!

Errin Enjoying Our Hike Around Istanbul
One of the few pedestrian cross walks that we saw being obeyed by motorists. Yay, we’re safe!

Fatih Mosque
The Fatih Mosque. According to Wiki: “this mosque was originally built between 1463-1470. An earthquake knocked it down around 1500 and it was replaced. The current mosque (designed on a completely different plan) was completed in 1771 under Sultan Mustafa III by the architect, Mimar Mehmet Tahir.”

Valens Aqueduct
The Valens Aqueduct. I wonder if the Romans parked their horses under the arches…

Gazanfer Ağa Külliyesi
The Gazanfer Aga Kulliyesi. Originally built in 1596, this complex had a madrasa (school), tombs, and a fountain.

Front of Nikolaus Church
Nikolaus Church. Originally built in 1394; it was renovated in 1729 and then used as a monastery.

Pierre Loti Cafe
Next, a visit to the world famous Pierre Loti Cafe! We took a taxi to the cafe, as it sits atop a very high hill.

At the Pierre Loti Cafe Dennis at Pierre Loti Cafe
There’s always time for a Turkish Coffee!

After the coffee, we walked down the hill, through an ancient cemetery, to the Eyup Mosque.

Istanbul View from Cemetary
View of Istanbul from the Cemetery

Cemetary Near Pierre Loti Cafe
Cemetery gravestones.

Cemetary Sign
On the walk down the hill, there are famous Turkish sayings engraved in the wall. This one really resonated with me!

Eyup Mosque
The Eyup Mosque. The present building dates from the beginning of the 19th century. The mosque complex includes a mausoleum marking the spot where Eyüp (Job) al-Ansari, the standard-bearer and friend of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, is said to have been buried.

Dennis at Eyup Mosque
Dennis at Eyup Mosque.

Fountain Near Eyup Mosque
The fountain near Eyup Mosque. On a hot day, the kids and dogs really loved this fountain.

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