Rockin Weekend = Vedauwoo, WY + Red Rocks Ampitheater, CO

Brown's Landing nearing Sunset

We Are Happy, Car Camping at Brown's Landing

Clare & Rachel at Brown's Landing
Rachel & I drove up to Vedauwoo for the weekend. I had received some beta from Ann about finding this great local’s sport wall.

The advice was to:
1. Look up at the wall as you drive, so that you can fix the direction of the wall in your mind. The tree cover gets quite dense at the base of the wall, so it is important to look *before* you enter the forest.
2. The walk to the wall should take no more than 10 minutes.
3. The crag’s routes start easy on the left side, and gradually get harder as you move to the right. There is a route called, “Water Streak” obvious because it is a geological scar on the rock, this is in the middle of the wall.

If you omit even one of these three tidbits, then you risk losing yourself in the forest and/or not finding the right routes. The locals were *very* impressed that Rachel and I found the wall. Even more so when we told them we came from Denver. Their response, “People from Denver don’t come and climb up here very often.”. Hmmm, I thought-interesting.

Clare Stems Salute to the Warm-Up Gods

We started out with three climbs (quite short – 6 draws) on the far right of the wall (as you face it). These three routes share the same anchor and are all in the picture above.

The one on the far right (An Arete with a tricky crux) felt like a 5.9+/5.10-. You can see the top wee bit in the upper right white colored profile of the rock.

The one I’m on (to the left of the arete) is ~5.7. (A face climb, with a very small bulge).

To the left of me (the last of the threesome) is a 5.6 ledgey climb with an optional (& harder) finish leading to a roof (which you can see in the top left of the picture).

We have company, group of 3 college Dudes

About this time, group of three college aged climbers showed up. They said it took them 30 minutes to find the wall. I silently praised Ann for her gift, a second time. The “leader” gave us some beta-but he hadn’t been there in a year, so it was fuzzy. They started out on the long slabs to the far left of the crag, and then moved over to where we started, once they were warmed up-They were nice because they didn’t crowd us (like so many folks tend to do).

Next up, we climbed a route which is two climbs to the right of Water Streak. It’s ~5.9, with a delightfully fun start and a challenging slab section up high. I did this one twice, as we decided to set up a TR for the one to it’s right.

Clare Setting up a TR at Vedauwoo

Top Rope Set Up on Rappel (5.10b?)Rachel Happy to Clear the Crux (5.10b)

The one to the right is ~5.10. The move off the first bolt is tricky, it is quite a reach, and involves either a mantle or a throw. It took us both a couple tries to reach the next hold. I was barely able to reach it statically. Rachel did some very delicate footwork, as she is want to do, in order to gain the next solid hold. There is a second crux is just after the 4th bolt, but it’s not as awkward as the lower crux.

After this, other people began drifting in from the forest. I’m not sure the use of showing up just an hour before the sunset…but I guess they wanted to get a couple pitches in while the weather was nice.

Rachel Cooling Down on Long Slab Route on Brown's Landing Climbergirl Giggles-Brown's Landing Rocks!
Rachel and I cooled down on this very long (10 or 11 draws!) 5.6 on the far left of the wall. We were rewarded with the following view:
View to SW on the top of Slab routes on Brown's Landing

We hiked back to the car and discussed options for sleeping. Quite a few youngsters from Laramie had rolled in, and they were blasting their music. It didn’t bode well for a night of rest.

Car Camping at it's finest!

Chef Clare

Still, we carried on with dinner (lemon grass rice noodle veggie soup with tofu & basil) and then decided to go into Laramie to get a hotel. I didn’t want to drive through the hinterlands of Vedauwoo at night in search of a quiet, flat, wind sheltered place.

Turns out that Laramie Technical College was having it’s graduation ceremonies, so there were *no* hotel rooms except the “honeymoon” suites. Not wanting to part with hundreds of dollars, we split for Cheyenne.

We stayed in Cheyenne at the Holiday Inn. It’s a nice hotel, and only a couple miles from Sierra Trading Post. Score!

What a Gorgeous Day!

So, the next morning I did something I will not do with any other friend, I went shopping. Shopping with Rachel is *fun*. It’s an adventure. I am so out of my element, but she brings me up to speed on fashion and suddenly I’m trying on some tube top plaid dress with a feather boa…just joking!

I did manage to find a cute pair of brown 3″ high heels for work-FOXY! Rachel scored on an aqua halter top for 7 bucks-HOT!.

Rachel Glowing in Vedauwoo Meadow Vedauwoo Valley Massif & Clare

After shopping, we went back to Vedauwoo and we hiked out to Valley Massif. It was a beautiful day, I was wishing that I had another day to climb…but we had to get back to Denver.

Dennis & Clare at Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Concert
Clare & Rachel at Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Concert

We (Rachel, Dennis & I) had a date with Alison Krauss & Robert Plant! Proof that we can look pretty, and not just “buff & stuff”:

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