Eldorado Canyon – Rock Climbing

On Friday, I met with Eckhard and Tim to climb in Eldorado Canyon. From what I can remember, I led the first pitch of Vershneidung (5.6). Eckhard led the second pitch (5.8+). Tim followed both pitches.

It was insanely cold outside. I think the temperature was hovering at around 40 degrees. With the wind, it was even colder. To this day, I don’t know how Eckhard led that second pitch. It’s in a shady dihedral, and the climbing is consistently tricky. A wide crack for your hands, and small edges for stemming with the feet. My hands & toes were completely numb by the time I reached the anchor.

After our climb of Vershneidung, we moved up to Positively Fourth Street (5.10a). Tim attempted to lead this, but ducked to the left at the top, avoiding the difficult finish. He was not exactly thrilled at the send. For some reason it was warmer up higher on the ridge, and I think the temps climbed to a warm 49 degrees.

After this climb, we moved down to Mesca-Line. Tim lead the climb, and then Eckhard led it, and then I led it. I also TR’d it once afterwards.

I think we did one other climb that day, but I can’t remember what it is…the day started out miserably cold, but it finished with warmth and a fun climb. I had a blast climbing with Eckhard & Tim.

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