Cross Country Skiing – Rainbow Lakes Campground

Clare, Kat, & Emma Celebrate 9 Mile Ski
Kat & Emma Glide Onward
Rainbow Lakes Topo
On Sunday, we braved the weather and drove up to Nederland to go “Backcountry” skiing.

We left the house around 8am and got up to Nederland around 10am. We stopped for coffee & baked goods (a macaroon, apple turnover, and orange scone).

We arrived at the parking lot on County Road 116 and started skiing around 11:15am. Here we are at the start:
Snow Divas Ready to Ski

About 10 minutes down Road 116, and you reach this sign, where the road to the campsite breaks off to the left…
Rainbow Lakes Campground Signage

About 30 minutes into the ski, we stopped for a short break:
Emma & Kat Enjoy the First Break

After about 1.5 hours of skiing, we reached this bridge. Here’s Kat looking totally fresh! From this point, it was about 50 minutes more to get to the campgrounds.
Kat Enjoying the Lovely Day

WE MADE IT TO THE Rainbow Lakes Campground!!!
Emma & Kat Engaged in Deep Discussion
Emma & Clare At Rainbow Lakes Campground

It took about 1.5 hours to make it back to the car. It’s 4.5 miles to/from the Rainbow Lakes Campground with about 800 feet of elevation gain, so the ski back is super fun! We made wonderful time getting back to the car, with Emma & I swapping lead. Here’s Kat celebrating upon return to the parking lot!
Kat Celebrates a Lovely 9 Mile Ski

What a wonderful day of skiing, we all had a blast!

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