Running – Neighborhood Winter Trails

It is 30 dF and overcast. No trace of wind. Slightly snowing. Perfect for an afternoon run! Dennis & Emma turned down my invitation, so I’m going by myself…The grey sky is gloomy, but the glow from the snow will cast a magical spell on me.

Early in my run, I had a feeling of light heartedness and quickly a smile flashed across my face. I guess it was frozen there, because in about 10 minutes I could no longer feel anything from my chin to my eyebrows. The numbness did not matter, I was out on a mission.

I ran over to the park, and passed one solitary jogger. Some dude wearing about 10 layers of clothing, I thought, “He must be drowning in sweat!”. I was already hot, as my new fleece lined running tights provided a cozy layer of warmth.

I started vegging out, just lost in that trance like state. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw motion. Hmmmm, not good! Then, “Watch Out Lady!”. A sledder careened out of control down the slope, and narrowly missed me midstride. A few paces slower and I would have been turned into a flat pancake. Whew!

After the close call, I decided to head home. I think the run was around 9 miles, but it felt like much more. It must have been the adrenaline!

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