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Snowshoe Hiking – Stapleton Neighborhood

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

On Tuesday, the Denver Metro area was inundated with a horrible winter snow storm. The snow was blowing sideways in a huge white-out! I went home early, just before the weather landed and finished the day by working from home.

The next day, the snow continued into mid morning. Then, the glorious sun came out. Emma & I decided to go for a snowshoe hike. We hiked for about 3 hours, all over Stapleton, and I actually got a sunburn! Emma had hoped the Coldstone was open, but alas, they had closed up shop for the day on account of the storm.

We went to Noodles & Co, and I bought her a cookie instead. It wasn’t ice cream, but oh well!

After 3 hours of snowshoeing, I was beat. What a great workout!

Running – Neighborhood Winter Trails

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

It is 30 dF and overcast. No trace of wind. Slightly snowing. Perfect for an afternoon run! Dennis & Emma turned down my invitation, so I’m going by myself…The grey sky is gloomy, but the glow from the snow will cast a magical spell on me.

Early in my run, I had a feeling of light heartedness and quickly a smile flashed across my face. I guess it was frozen there, because in about 10 minutes I could no longer feel anything from my chin to my eyebrows. The numbness did not matter, I was out on a mission.

I ran over to the park, and passed one solitary jogger. Some dude wearing about 10 layers of clothing, I thought, “He must be drowning in sweat!”. I was already hot, as my new fleece lined running tights provided a cozy layer of warmth.

I started vegging out, just lost in that trance like state. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw motion. Hmmmm, not good! Then, “Watch Out Lady!”. A sledder careened out of control down the slope, and narrowly missed me midstride. A few paces slower and I would have been turned into a flat pancake. Whew!

After the close call, I decided to head home. I think the run was around 9 miles, but it felt like much more. It must have been the adrenaline!