Rock Climbing – Muir Valley Moderates

Clare Climbing in Muir Valley RedRiverGorgeTheFig 017

I have never before missed a flight, but this weekend I did. I was supposed to leave on a Wednesday night, so we could drive down to the RRG (Red River Gorge) on Thursday. The plan was to climb a little Thursday, some on Friday, and then do the Fig adventure race on Saturday.

Unfortunately, work had been so hectic that I was completely frazzled. I thought the race was the weekend after (during Veterans weekend), so I was completely unprepared for the phone call from Barry on Wed night.

“Clare, I was waiting at the airport for hours. You never came off the plane. I went to the airline counter and they said you never got on the plane. You should be here and you’re not. What’s going on?”.

I could not believe I messed up so badly. For a planner, this is hard news to swallow. How could I have let this happen?

Lucky for me, there were still openings on the next flight. Of course, I had to pay an extra 150 bucks, but I was grateful to still be going. I had been looking forward to the trip for months…I mean, adventure races are COOL! And, climbing in KY is my FAVORITE.

In any event, I was a day late. We still managed to climb on Friday. We went to some nice wall of moderates in Muir Valley and climbed half a dozen gorgeous pocket and crack infested sport routes. See the following pictures of myself, Clay, and Michelle having a blast on KY sandstone.

Clare Enjoying Fall Colors While Climbing in Muir Valley

Clay Leading A Climb in Muir Valley

Clay Launches Up Climb in Muir Valley

Clay Climbing in Muir Valley

Michelle Leading a Climb in Muir Valley

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