Cross Country Skiing – Mitchell Lake, CO

CMC Cross Country Skiers on Mitchell Lake
I rented some alpine cross country skis from Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder. I had been wanting to ski some mellow trails outside of the groomed perfection of a nordic center, so when I found out about Eileen’s trip to Brainard Lake area, I signed up!

Unfortunately, not long into my ski, it was determined the wax was all wrong. It was way to sticky. So, Eileen helped me scrape off about a quarter inch of goo which was left on the ski from the last umpteen renters. We were surprised there was that much old wax on there, but later I found out that Neptune’s Staff don’t scrape the skis down on a regular basis. I doubt these had been touched the entire season…

Eileen Helps Wax Horrible Rental Skis
In any event, when Eileen finally did get it all off, we applied some new wax. It worked much better, but I was still gripping a lot more then everybody else. Oh well, at least I got a workout!

Chuck and Rob Taking a Breather

Rob Skiing in Winter Wonderland

We stopped momentarily at the CMC Hut by Brainard Lake. I was skiing so slow because of the wax issue, so I thought about just hanging out while everybody else wandered up to Mitchell Lake. In the end, it worked out for me to go with the group – I agreed to turn around if I was going too slow which was the right compromise given the situation. Whoop-whoop!

Clare and Mt. Audubon
Mitchell Lake was beautiful and the ski back downhill was super fun. I couldn’t wait to come back with my own skis and the right wax. It would be even more enjoyable (was that possible?). Thanks to Eileen for a superb day of skiing and for being so supportive of a noobie!

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