Cross Country Skiing – Antelope Ridge Near Eldora, CO

Antelope Ridge Skiers

After the kerfoffle last weekend, I decided to invest in some very sturdy and sleek Alpine Skis. So, this weekend, on Rick’s trip up Antelope Ridge, I was bound to succeed. Well, I did succeed in HAVING A BLAST!!!

But, I wasn’t necessarily a rabbit bounding down the trail either. This time, my skis had a bit too much glide. Lucky for me, my new skis came with a mini-skin which locks into the bottom. I just put those on and voila, problem solved.

Steve Loving our Winter Wonderland

The Antelope Ridge ski was great because I felt like I was finally getting into the swing of skiing on an ungroomed trail. It’s much more work than at a nordic center. It’s very much like the difference between running on pavement vs. trail running. Every now and then, I’d get snagged by a branch…or I’d get going *really* fast and need to snowplow.

Rick Crossing a Snow Bridge

Thanks to Rick for organizing this fantastic excursion! To make it better, I would suggest arranging some Antelope on the Ridge…I was a little let down when we got there and they were all gone 8^)

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