Rock Climbing – CMC Climber’s Festival

CMC Climbergirls

On Saturday, I led a rock climbing trip as part of the CMC Climber’s Festival. I led Breezy and then Wind Ridge. Rick was my co-leader and he led Breezy and then meandered over to some other moderates on the wall.

In the afternoon, Rick led a separate trip to top rope the routes at Supremacy Slab while Erin, Ilene, and I chilled at the Eldorado Canyon Visitor’s Center. We waited patiently for the bbq celebration to start. We were thrilled when we walked around back and saw coolers with Beer and Food! Yay!

CMC Eldorado Canyon Climbing Festival
Chris got started on bratwurst right away while I cooked up the hot dogs. Jeffrey and Rick were the next to show up, followed by Brenda, Wayne and Susan, Slava, and the rest of the Boulder gang. We had a lovely afternoon hanging out on the patio (so nicely supplied by the Eldorado State Park people), telling climbing stories, and talking about climbing.

Ilene Climbing Wind Ridge
Money Shot of Ilene finishing the first pitch of Wind Ridge

Erin Cruising Up Wind Ridge
Erin Reaching for a hold on Wind Ridge

Clare Leading 2nd Pitch of Wind Ridge
Climbergirl Leading Pitch 2 of Wind Ridge (Super fun!)

Ilene on Pitch 2 of Wind Ridge
Ilene Finishing Second Pitch of Wind Ridge

Erin Climb Wind Ridge and Rocks It!
Erin Practicing A No Hands Rest!

Erin and Ilene at Belay Ledge on Breezy
Erin and Ilene Waiting to Climb Pitch 2 of Breezy

Erin Cleaning Gear on Breezy
Erin Following Pitch 2 of Breezy

Erin Finishing Pitch 2 of Breezy
Erin Topping Out on Breezy

Waiting for CMC Climbing Festivities to Begin
Chilling in the Eldorado Springs Canyon State Park Visitor Center

Waiting for CMC Climbing Festival to Start
What I was Doing When Erin Took My Picture!

CMC Climbing Festival Begins!
Climbergirls Say, “It’s Beer Thirty!”

Climbergirl Grilling Hot Dogs
Grilling Some Hot Dogs. Vegetarian and Turkey…! We were waiting for the Bratwurst, so we cooked these up.

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