Guess the Dish

Pears from Nalan
My friend Nalan gave us a box of pears for the holidays and I was trying to figure out how to eat them. I came up with a delightful dish, sure to hit our sweet spots while highlighting the sumptuous texture of the pears. Thanks, Nalan, for your thoughtful gift!

The ingredients were:
1. Raisins
2. Brandy
3. Pears!
4. Candy Roasted Pecans (as garnish)

How did I cook the dish, and what is it?

Right Out of the Oven
If you guessed that I soaked the raisins in brandy, then roasted the pears in the oven with the raisins, you win!

Intermediate Step
After that, I scooped two heaping spoonfulls of vanilla ice cream into bowls and generously covered with the piping hot pears.

Final Plating
Lastly, I garnished with candied pecans (from Trader Joes!).


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