Cross Country Skiing – Brainard Lake Wooden Ski Day

Wooden Ski Day at CMC Cabin
Wooden Ski Day at Brainard Lake CMC Cabin

South CMC Trail
Beautiful Single Track, the South CMC Trail!

John, Brigida, Robert, Carrie, and I skied the CMC South Trail to the CMC Brainard Lake cabin, in honor of Wooden Ski Days. Carrie actually borrowed her wooden skis from Gary Neptune, for the full experience. We arrived about 30 minutes late for the big group picture, so we just took our own!

Here is a map of the Brainard Lake Ski trail system.

If you’ve never skied the CMC South Trail up to Brainard Lake, you should consider trying it in the future. The area gets a lot of traffic, so the single track trail is always well packed and a joy to ski. It is mostly uphill, but the angle is slight and there are lots of rolling hills along the way that you can coast. Once up at the Cabin, it’s easy to come back via the road, if the trail is too arduous.

Ready to Ski
Here we are at the start, around 10:30am.

Carrie on Wooden Skis
Carrie enjoying the challenge of the wooden skis.

Robert Sidestepping Uphill
Robert learning how to sidestep uphill.

Robert on South CMC Trail
Robert surrounded by wintery wonderland.

John on South CMC Trail
John in action!

Approaching Brainard Lake
As we approach Brainard Lake, the weather deteriorates. I don my new J2 windshell over my t-shirt. Say goodbye to the sun!

Psyched to be in Backcountry
Just me and my skis. Loving life in the backcountry!

Brigida Attacking a Steep Hill
Brigida attacking one of the steeper hills.

Inside the CMC Cabin - John Joking Around
Sillyness in the Cabin!

Backcountry Divas in the Cabin
Cuteness in the Cabin!

Brainard Lake Wintry Weather
Skiing back to the car on the road was nice as we got sweeping views of the area being overtaken by wintry storms.

Carrie Skiing on Woodies
Carrie still smiling with her woodies!

It took us half the time to get back to the car, on the road, via the way up on the trail. We all enjoyed the many long downhill segments on the road as we were a bit fatigued. It was a fantastic day of skiing and I had a great time with the group!

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