Alabama Hills – Trip Report

This weekend, the weather on Saturday was atypical. It rained, and for the desert, it was chilly. I was feeling under the weather, until Sunday mid-afternoon. It cleared up, and the perfect weather was a huge motivation. I went on a 20 mile bike ride with Evan, Rebecca, Charles, and Mary. After the ride, I was feeling much better. Energy levels were back up to normal, but my throat was still a bit scratchy.

SO, on Monday, I decided to go climbing with Walter. He needed a partner since he had already planned on taking the day off, and I thought why not. The day was a gift from the heavens, it would have been a sin to spend the whole day in the office. And not just because of the weather…because Walter was about to exceed all our expectations!

We climbed at the “Eye of Horus” wall and over by the “Nuts”. I have no pictures of our trip, unfortunately. The big takeaway is that I climbed 8 pitches, got to practice placing pro on 5.10 (thanks to Walter for stuffing it in his pack), and got my first 5.10c redpoint of the year (a little late in the year, might I add!). While, it was Walter’s first ever redpoint of 5.10c!!!

I set up a TR on the 10c route for no other reason than that’s what I had done before. There is a little pang of guilt hovering over my head for not having the foresight to ask if Walter wanted the try for the onsight. It just flat out didn’t occur to either of us at the time. In the future though, I’m sure we will both be on the lookout for potential 10c/d routes!

I can’t express just how awesome it was to watch Walter manhandle that route-it was as if it was created for him. Small edges and fun balancy moves, it’s like a series of Wagon Wheel boulder problems. Perfectly suited to the Runklenator’s style and stengths.

With a renewed sense of excitement about climbing, we headed home; what a beauty of a day!

3 Responses to “Alabama Hills – Trip Report”

  1. Walter Runkle says:

    Thanks, Clare for the nice write-up and kind words. You have certainly played a BIG role in getting me up to red point a 10c. It wasn’t a Gorge 10c or a New Jack City 10c, but hey, I’ll take it. I hope the ones at NJC and the Gorge aren’t too far off. Here’s to a great 2007!

  2. granite4brains says:

    Walter, Clare,

    You guys should go hit up People are Poodles Too (if you haven’t already) at the Poodle Wall. It’s got to be the easiest 10d in the world – it would be a great one to try and onsight next. Just a few moves of 10d to 2nd bolt and then it backs off to around 7/8. Quality rock, fun moves. I personally thought the 5.9 there was harder.

    Good job on CLAE! – that really is a nice climb.


  3. Walter says:

    Thanks for the tip g4b. I’ve on-sighted the 5.9. I’ll have to try PaPT.