Boulder Canyon Avalon Wall

On August 23rd, I attended my first “Meetup” outdoors. I met with Rebecca, Chris, Stan, and Eckhard for a day of fun at the Avalon Wall in Boulder Canyon. The weather was nice, and I was excited to be visiting a new crag.

Clare's First Tyrolean

I was a little nervous about being belayed by people I just met, but that was the my only concern. In order to reach the Avalon wall, one has to use a Tyrolean. I was a bit excited (maybe too excited?) to be going across one of these for my first time.

When I stepped off the rock, and into thin air, my heart skipped a beat. I was so happy my backpack was packed properly! It took a bit of arm power to hoist myself to the other side, but it was my opportunity to show off my guns!

I led the following routes:
The Tower (5.10a) A very long (12 draws and 2 for anchors) a 60m rope would barely make it! 2 Laps
The Fool (5.10c) 1 Hang (Darn-It! A cruxy start!)
Dead Again (5.10b/c) 1 Hang (Another strange crux).

I followed:
Isle of the Dead 5.10c (A convoluted & dirty climb)
Dead Can Dance 5.9 (I cleaned it because it started raining. Didn’t want to lead it when it was wet.)

Chris on The Fool (5.10c)

Self Portrait on The Tower 5.10a

Around 3pm it started to rain & thunder on us, so we called it a day.

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