Rock Climbing – Shelf Road

Shelf Road CO View South from Cactus Cliffs
On Pie Day (March 14=3.14 Ha-ha), Stan rounded up the posse for a day trip to Shelf Road. Initially, we were all supposed to camp there, but reports of potentially bad weather turned it into a day trip. As luck would have it, the weather was absolutely perfect!

Shelf Road Climbing Posse
Posse: Brooke & Jason, Jen, Stan & doggies (Kona & Misha), and myself.
Weather: Just wonderful, high felt around 70 with a cool breeze
Crag: Cactus Cliffs
Special Surprise: Jen’s homemade brownies

I climbed the following routes:

Brooke with Finesse on "Oscar De La Cholla" (5.9-)
Oscar De La Cholla (5.9-**) Lead Half then TR (numb digits)

Jen Powers Through "Too Much Beef & Not Enough Meat" (5.9)
Too Much Beef & Not Enough Meat (5.9**) Lead

I-Lean (5.11a***) TR Clean
La Cholla Jackson (5.8-****) Lead
Chunky Monkey (5.10c**) Lead – Flash
I Claudius (5.11a/b****) TR 1 Hang

Stan on "Cro Magnum (5.12 a/b)

Jen Conquered the Lower Half of "Cro Magnum" (5.12 a/b)
Cro Magnum (5.12a/b) TR 1 Hang, then hung & crux & never made it to the top!

With Five people, we got an amazing number of climbs accomplished.

Jen, Jason, and Brooke managed to squeeze in a couple more routes (Dihedrus and one other?) while Stan & I were thrashing about on the 5.12 Jason deemed, “Horrible”. I have to agree, the rounded off arete on Cro Magnum is pretty dang horrible.

All in all, the day was fantastic and I had a blast hanging out with everybody.

Jen’s Brownies just topped it all off. When asked how they came out so moist, she replied, “I just added the extra water for the elevation”. I think she also sprinkled in some pixie dust, because I was feeling lighter than air!

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